Patient Accountability

Putting you in control of your own healing Professional care is a critical part of your journey through healing after injury. As physiotherapists, we’re here to ensure you get the right diagnosis, the right hands-on support and the right education to support you. However, it’s important to realise that the Read more…

Online Physio Consultation

In light of COVID-19 government restrictions, we’re now offering online physio consults (video conferencing) for initial  assessment and followup appointments.  Online physiotherapy works just like a virtual physio practice, in which you can connect with your physiotherapist via a video consultation. We can carry out an assessment by getting your clinical history – Read more…

Hand Washing

COVID-19 Update

Your favourite Physio’s in Newmarket and St Heliers COVID-19 update Unfortunately, we are facing uncharted territory at the moment with the current health pandemic COVID-19. Our thoughts are with the affected people and families. It’s business as usual at our Refine Health clinics in Newmarket (behind the Olympic Pools) and Read more…


Listening to your body (injury prevention)

If you are the typical Type-A personality then it can be difficult to adjust to the different mentality of not pushing yourself all the time. Sometimes a yoga session, an easy ride, or even just a total rest altogether (shock!) is just what the body needs to recover and to ensure you don’t end up in a big hole with an injury just around the corner.

Concussion, what is it?

Concussion What is Concussion? Concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) It can be defined as a head injury with a brief loss of brain function which can cause physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms. Concussion can occur with or without loss of consciousness. It occurs when the body Read more…

Mobility and falls prevention.

Older individuals show lower rates of movement and lower peak ankle moment when compared with young adults. As strength declines with age (due to muscular, tendinous and neural alterations), leg muscle strength could be the limiting factor in preventing a fall.