Whether you’re a competitive athlete, weekend warrior or just enjoy walking the dog, good physical fitness is important to most of us. Injuries can be frustrating particularly when we have worked hard towards reaching our goals; whether it be tramping to Everest base camp, running a half marathon or keeping up with your kids activities. Some knowledge about our own body can go a long way towards helping us to perform better whatever the activity. This is where a Muscle Balance Assessment (MBA) can assist, particularly if you are tired of those repetitive strains and niggles that continue to hold you back.

The MBA is a one hour long appointment and takes your history of previous injuries into account in conjunction with an in depth analysis of: – Muscle length/tightness and strength or weakness in key areas. – Poor movement strategies – Poor technique in sports specific areas These results are illustrated in a report format and exercises to remedy any adverse findings will be taught at a follow up appointment. We are happy to liaise with Personal Trainers, Coaches, Pilates Instructors, Doctors and the like, to ensure a team approach with you being the number one focus! “The idea is to provide you with an effective group of exercises designed to complement your current program or just simply as a preventative regime.” The MBA is also an excellent idea for adolescent athletes who are striving to make the jump from school sports to more competitive senior levels. The aim is to identify potential issues before they become a problem and to ultimately assist and improve overall performance.